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WORLD WATCH DAILY: Sunday June 3, 2012 Sivan 13, 5772

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Washington: 9:33:18 am - June 3, 2012 - Jerusalem: 4:33:18 pm - Sivan 13, 5772

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Spain's PM Mariano Rajoy gestures during the XXVIII Meeting of 
the 'Economic Circle' in Sitges, near Barcelona, June 2, 2012. 
Photo / Reuters, Gustau Nacarino


Spain, the latest combat zone in Europe's long-running debt wars, urged the euro zone to set up a new fiscal authority to manage the bloc's finances and send a clear signal to markets that the single currency project is irreversible. Germany and others insist such a move can only happen as part of a drive to much closer fiscal union and relinquishing of national sovereignty.


Establishing a new authority could require a change in the EU treaties, a usually lengthy and politically painful process which requires ratification in all 27 member states of the bloc.


Eurozone unemployment stays at record 11 percent


Unemployment across the 17 countries that use the euro stayed at 11 percent in April — the highest level since the single currency was introduced back in 1999, piling further pressure on the region's leaders to switch from austerity to focus on stimulating growth.


Iran threatens to target U.S. bases if attacked


Christian News 
Iranian Brigadier-General Yahya Rahim Safavi 
Photo / France 24


Iranian Brigadier-General Yahya Rahim Safavi has warned the United States not to resort to military action against it, saying U.S. bases in the region were vulnerable to the Islamic Republic's missiles, state media reported on Saturday.


U.S. Sources:
Cyber-attacks "bought us time" on Iran


Christian News

Iranian technicians at the Bushehr nuclear power 
plant where the Stuxnet virus affected plant 
activity, November 2010. Photo credit: AP


The United States under former President George W. Bush began building a complex cyber-weapon to try to prevent Tehran from completing suspected nuclear weapons work without resorting to risky military strikes against Iranian facilities, current and former U.S. officials familiar with the program said.


Barack Obama accelerated the efforts after succeeding Bush in 2009, according to the sources who spoke on condition of anonymity because of the classified nature of the effort. The weapon, called Stuxnet, was eventually used against Iran's main uranium enrichment facilities.


Redefining war and espionage, cyberattack on Iran stuns experts


The Flame virus represents an escalation in cyber warfare and industrial espionage. In its essence, it is a mutation of the Stuxnet virus that damaged computer systems used in the Iranian nuclear program.


'Koenig's Eye View from the White House' - June 1, 2012 


Bible prophecy, encouragement and our commitment to the Lord ... America’s moral collapse accelerated by the courts and by a political party in Congress ... Insight from a long-time Obama friend: He knows a great deal about Islam and knows little about Christianity ... Comprehensive assessment on Israel’s northern border concerns: "The risk to Israel is taking shape. The challenge we are facing is a huge one." ... Netanyahu: The issue of settlements would be solved automatically once there are agreed-upon borders


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'Koenig's Eye View from the White House' – June 3, 2012: Bible prophecy, encouragement and our commitment to the Lord ... America’s moral collapse accelerated by the courts and a political party .... Obama knows a great deal about Islam 

'Koenig's Eye View from the White House' – May 25, 2012: Obama and his administration continues their unprecedented and divisive assault on Biblical values ... Netanyahu’s Bible Study 

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Germany confirms: Submarines sold 
to Israel can fire nuclear-tipped 
cruise missiles

PM presents Ulpana eviction 

Cars catch fire as fire erupts in 
Jerusalem - Arson suspected

Israel: Thousands take to 
streets in demand of social 

Netanyahu: Ulpana neighborhood 
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Mubarak suffers heart 
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Mubarak sentenced to 
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US Conservative Jews 
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Book links US to cyber-attacks 
on Iran
Latest News 

Lebanese army deploys in 
Tripoli after 13 killed

NATO Interested in Missile 
Defense Cooperation with 
Ukraine – Brengelmann

Officials say US drone 
strike kills 10 suspected 
militants in Pakistan

Boats Take to Thames For 
Queen's Jubilee Flotilla

Syrian President addresses 
parliament in rare public 
appearance - "Syrian massacre 
an ugly crime"

Tech companies continuing to 
work on microchips that can be 
implanted in humans

Cargo Jet Hits Bus in Ghana - 
At Least 10 Dead

1200 firefighters battle 
record Mexico blaze

Eurozone unemployment stays 
at record 11 percent

Iran builds new space center 
to launch satellites

Putin hopes to see French 
President Hollande in Russia 

Older Americans return to 
school, learn new trade in 
tough jobs market

U.S. publishes satellite 
images of Syria

Weak US job figures 
for May hit markets

Panetta: U.S. shifting 60% of 
warships to Pacific by 2020

Target sells T-shirts to help 
pro-gay marriage group

Storm pounds Northeast 
Maryland - Several injured

Cancer cases to surge 75 
percent worldwide by 2030
White House News 

Obama tells donors health-care 
fight may loom after court rules

George W. Bush and wife Laura 
return to White House as 
President Obama unveils their 
official portraits

White House: Obama misspoke 
on 'Polish death camp'
Israel News 


Behold, he that keepeth Israel shall neither
slumber nor sleep. - Psalms 121:4 (KJV) 

Netanyahu must raise 
taxes to fight deficit

Israeli climber who saved 
Turkish friend's life to 
receive medal of honor

Around 250 Palestinians throw 
stones, firebombs near Hebron
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Archaeologists Uncover Proof of Pre-Jesus Bethlehem 

The New Jerusalem: Israel’s capital has changed its face in past decade, now attracts young people and artists - Elisheva Mazya 
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