Thursday, August 18, 2011

Jesus Said: "Whosoever is angry" -Evotional- (Aug 18)

You Read your "God News" Today?

Jesus Said
with Michael James Stone




Prophecy R&D: ("The Blaze" Tabloid) "The DAILY Blaze" -August 18 2011-

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PROPHECY R&D IN NO WAY supports or is affiliated with THE BLAZE and or any of the material posted on its site. ALL READERS ARE WARNED to treat the Material presented as possible Tabloid and thus requiring additional research to prove the veracity of the claims of any of the posts on the site. "SOME posts" on The Baze have been proven false or of a Conspiracy Nature and thus all readers are here warned and advised to NOT ACCEPT on surface value anything from this site without corroberating evidence and factual presentation of such.

The sole reason for posting THE BLAZE is Research and Development
NOT FOR FACTS; further research is required.

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