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WORLD WATCH DAILY: Monday June 11, 2012 Sivan 21, 5772

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Washington: 8:46:05 am - June 11, 2012 - Jerusalem: 3:46:05 pm - Sivan 21, 5772

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Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu on Sunday condemned the ongoing massacre of Syrian civilians by President Bashar Assad. The prime minister's condemnation joins a growing chorus of anti-Syria rhetoric from the Israeli political establishment, as all of Vice Premier Shaul Mofaz, Deputy Foreign Minister Danny Ayalon and President Shimon Peres attacked Assad on Sunday for his crimes against civilians.


Speaking at the start of a cabinet meeting, Netanyahu said that Syrian 
forces are killing innocents, including women and children.


A look at Israel's mass evacuation plan


Christian News


Ministers to discuss plan for evacuation of hundreds of thousands 
of Israelis to Eilat, Arava area in case of missile attack


Iran feels economic pinch as it warns 
Moscow nuclear talks could stall



Tough Western sanctions imposed on Iran's oil market over its developing nuclear program has the country feeling an economic pinch, as its estimated to have lost more than $10 billion this year alone in oil revenues, Reuters reports.

The financial measures imposed by the US and the European Union have dropped Iran's oil output to the lowest level in 20 years, Reuters reports, as Iran is shipping out 600,000 less barrels per day than it did last year. The sanctions have made it harder for Iran to export its oil and more difficult for other countries to buy it. An European Union oil embargo is to take effect on July 1.

"This is an act of economic warfare. The sanctions are having a big effect in cumulative terms: Iran is being locked out of the global financial system," Mehdi Varzi, a former National Iranian Oil Co. official, told Reuters.



'Koenig's Eye View from the White House' - June 8, 2012 


Israel’s war strategies … Cyber-terror can lead to 'end of the world as we know it' ... Euro zone on the brink ... Germany has the key to the euro's short-term, is it worth the risk? … Is Bill Clinton attempting to sabotage Obama’s re-election efforts? ...Is Obama’s executive order giving up a large slice of U.S. economic and environmental sovereignty?


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'Koenig's Eye View from the White House' – June 8, 2012: Israel’s war strategies … Cyber-terror can lead to 'end of the world as we know it' ... Euro zone on the brink ...Is Bill Clinton attempting to sabotage Obama’s re-election efforts? 

'Koenig's Eye View from the White House' – June 1, 2012: Bible prophecy, encouragement and our commitment to the Lord ... America’s moral collapse accelerated by the courts and a political party .... Obama knows a great deal about Islam 

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Featured News 

Gallup Poll: Jewish support 
for Obama plummets

Iran wrangles with world 
powers ahead of talks

Palestinians: Vatican set 
to indirectly recognize 
annexation of East J'lem

Shafiq wins 100% of votes 
cast by Egyptians in Israel

Israel: Dozens of illegal migrants 
detained nationwide

PA denies conducting 
talks with Israel

Iran wrangles with world 
powers ahead of talks

Al Qaeda group says Obama, 
Clinton worth only chickens, 

Dangerous Substance Leaks at 
Ben Gurion Airport Warehouse
Latest News 

Markets welcome Spanish 
banks rescue deal

Flame Spy Virus Gets 
Orders to Vanish

Islamics blow up two more 
Nigerian churches while 
parishoners pray

Selling Abroad, China Eases 
Economic Slump at Home

U.S. students survive 9 days 
in New Zealand Bush

UN withdrawing staff from 
unrest in Western Myanmar 
where 17 killed

Hundreds of Colorado Homes 
in Pathway of Run-Away Fire

Water-logged Gulf Coast 
Still Under Threat

Melting Artic 'Blooms' 
With Algae

Manhunt for shooting at Auburn 
University which killed 3

Beware the Spy in the Sky: Software 
giants will use military-grade cameras 
to take powerful satellite images

Top Customer: Under Obama, 
Fed’s Holdings of U.S. Debt 
Have Jumped 452%

In Small-Town-USA Business 
as Usual for Mexican Cartels

Foot of rain swamps parts 
of Gulf Coast

Report of multiple victims 
after shooting at Alabama 
University housing complex

Fires rage in Colorado, New 
Mexico, forcing evacuations, 
destroying structures

Greek Cyprus to build natural 
gas processing facility

North Korea: No plan for 
nuclear test 'at present'
White House News 

US Commerce Secretary Bryson cited 
for felony hit and run in LA

US Attorney General Holder 
directs US attorneys to 
investigate leaks

60% Think Health-Care Mandate 
Violates Individual Rights
Israel News 


Behold, he that keepeth Israel shall neither
slumber nor sleep. - Psalms 121:4 (KJV) 

'Forbes Israel' Ranks Israel's 
Richest Rabbis

Israel court clears deporting 
South Sudan migrants

Knesset rejects Ulpana 
bill 69-22
Provocative Commentary 

The Arab Mind, The Turkish 
Mind - Gokham Bacik

Double Standards on Politicians 
in Pulpits - Jonathan Tobin 

Study suggests risks from 
same-sex parenting - 
Cheryl Wetzstein

Help us save Israel - World should 
help Jewish state set its own 
boundaries, before we suffer total 
destruction - Dor Glick

Why the Six-Day War still 
matters - Dore Gold

The politicized pulpit - Christians 
should be politically involved, 
but churches should teach the 
basics - Marvin Olasky

What Wisconsin Means - 
Charles Krauthammer

Obama, the leaker in chief - 
Washington Times

Defeating the Alinskyites --- ours 
Caroline B. Glick

Netanyahu won't be pushed around 
when it comes to Jews living in 
Greater Israel - Jonah Mandel

Why is the U.S. State Department 
hampering Americans from 
collecting settlements against 
terrorists? - Steven Emerson

Palin: Wisconsin Results Mean 
'Obama's Goose is Cooked'

Winning Six Day War doomed 
Israel? - Jonathan Tobin 

James Dobson to prez: I won't 
bow to 'wicked' Obamacare

Canadian Crackdown: Gay-Marriage 
Opponents are Being Silenced - 
Michael Coren

America and Future Wars - 
Cal Thomas

The reign of the fantasists - 
Caroline B. Glick 

Muslim Brotherhood Infiltrates US 
Public Schools? - Aaron Klein
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