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7 Realms: (Christian Fiction Series) "The Messenger" (a)

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Michael James Stone
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 The Messenger (a)
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I died.

Now that wasn't supposed to happen, I thought. 
But sure enough there I was, dead, and somehow denying it wasn't going to change that.

It was obvious I was dead. 

No it wasn't the movie Ghost, and no there wasn't some mystical light or ethereal being standing there admiring my dead body...., 

but somehow I felt odd because....,

I wasn't breathing either. Not the dead thing I was looking at, but me. You know....


You could say, it was a little odd and stranger than fiction but all this was new to me and I was really trying to get a handle on it.

After all......I was dead.

It was kind of funny because ....being dead didn't seem to be anything at all like I expected.

What did your expect?

Now I know what your thinking. I should be asking; 
Who said that?
Where are you? 
Where am I? 
Are you God? 
Am I dead?

But it really wasn't like that. 

Or at least for me it wasn't. Maybe the dead guy (me) "heard" someone, but, He, that body over there, was dead.

I was.....and I really didn't know what I was, but I was....still me.

Call me the Messenger


And I think I actually said that.

But since I couldn't hear myself, I really wasn't sure if I said it.... or thought it.

This being dead was really confusing to me and now I was hearing voices. I could tell being dead was going to take time to get used to.

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