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Paper Dream

Registering the preborn?

Archived Perspectives

Michelle Malkin smallStop worrying about manufactured scares regarding voter fraud. There are plenty of legitimate threats to electoral integrity without having to inflate or concoct them.

Robert Knight smallYes, EPA administrator Alfredo Armendariz got caught. But who will save America from the environmental movement and their government enablers?

Kevin McCullough smallThere is just one man who stands in the way of helping America finally recover -- then the rest of us can watch the flow of healing and progress begin.

Standing on solid rock, not sinking sand
Chuck Colson: The Great Encourager

It's OK to accept imperfection
Msg to moms: Stay the course

Media frenzy triggered by threat of dinosaurian aliens
Feathered dinosaur too big to fly

Short term or greater good?
Successful people get back up!

Independence Day
Grieving loss

movieboard tinyThe Avengers is about a fundamentally moral battle. It evokes a truth through narrative fiction that we can experience in real life. Christians need to be unafraid to share about their own Avenger and Savior.

Israeli flag tinyA Presbyterian leader, through years of study and prayer, has developed a deep theological understanding of -- as well as a deep love for -- the People of the Book.

Romney urges Liberty grads to honor family commitments

Mitt Romney's Mormon faith has shaped his life, but he barely mentioned it as he spoke to graduates at an evangelical university Saturday.

Busy moms? Make space for God

On this Mother's Day, a South Carolina-based ministry is encouraging moms to refocus on God -- and offers the tips to make it happen.

Our fascination with saviors

movieboard tinyThe Avengers is about a fundamentally moral battle. It evokes a truth through narrative fiction that we can experience in real life. Christians need to be unafraid to share about their own Avenger and Savior.

KS county commission won't reinstate prayer

Officials in Reno County (Kansas) are ending their tradition of mostly Christian prayer before meetings.

Recent poll results (May 7-11, 2012)

See the results from our poll questions last week.

Court victory for ex-'gay' leaves unmet costs

A homosexual activist who sued a former homosexual has lost his case against the man, who had to obtain insurance coverage to pay legal expenses.

GA bill protects historic display

Georgia Governor Nathan Deal has signed into law a historical display law. Among the documents in the display is a copy of the Ten Commandments.

Principles-based training in leadership

People gathered recently in various locations across the U.S. to improve their leadership skills. The Chick-fil-A Leadercast featured some of the world's best leaders speaking about important leadership principles.

The week's top stories (May 7-11, 2012)

computer mouse 2See which stories were most popular on our website over the last week.

Unborn babies count in the White House

poll vote button 2One pro-lifer finds it interesting that pregnant mothers must register their preborn babies before taking a tour of the White House, considering the fact that the current occupant of the White House is pro-abortion.

Domain registrar 'drawing a line in the sand'

The "world's first and only family-friendly domain name registrar" is taking a stand against pornography on the Internet.

Catholic school welcoming abortion supporter

Fallout continues over Georgetown University inviting Health and Human Services (HHS) Secretary Kathleen Sebelius to speak at its Public Policy Institute awards ceremony this year.

Standing on solid rock, not sinking sand

Michael Youssef smallMany evangelicals today need to take a hard look at what happened to their mainline forebears.

Do Arkansas Dems see asset as liability?

One pro-family leader in Arkansas is puzzled about why some Democratic candidates running in the state primary chose not to fill out a survey for a voter's guide.

Mexican ID cards okay by Oregon gov.

An immigration reform activist says it's outrageous that the governor of Oregon has authorized the police to accept Mexican government-issued ID cards as valid in the state.

Professor: Education's become 'deeply wasteful'

A George Mason University professor believes college is no longer about giving students the knowledge needed for the workplace, but is instead about bringing out the character traits employers are looking for.

Message to law-abiding citizens -- 'You're a sucker'

The head of an immigration reform organization is outraged that a loophole is allowing illegal aliens and other people not even in the U.S. to fraud the government out of billions of dollars, leaving American taxpayers who play by the rules to pay the price.

Key al-Qaeda operative confirmed dead

The former commander of the USS Cole is pleased that a key al-Qaeda terrorist tied to the attack on his ship was taken out in a recent drone strike.

State letting pro-suicide grandmother off easy

In one attorney's opinion, an elderly California woman should be prosecuted by the state for selling suicide kits online.

The cons of all-electric RAV4

Toyota will begin selling an all-electric version of a popular SUV this summer, but one energy policy analyst says the vehicle's efficiency doesn't outweigh its price tag.

As TBN sorts through its troubles

A ministry watchdog organization has handed the world's largest Christian broadcasting network the lowest grade for ministry transparency.

How will Obama's minority base react?

video icon buttonFamily advocate Peter Sprigg says Barack Obama's endorsement of "gay marriage" reduces his chances of re-election -- and that the president's stance is a "losing position politically."


Obama endorses 'gay marriage'   (Pro-family reaction) 

Church leaders denounce Obama endorsement

Romney stands by traditional marriage

New Z. tragedyNew Z. tragedyPolice honoredPolice honoredJanitor successJanitor success

Boston U community mourns loss of 3 classmates
Merkel risks setback in German state vote
GOP: Gay marriage an issue but not like economy
Around world, Obama's presidency a disappointment
Punk band arrest at heart of Russia church feud

Tampa another Dearborn?
Prediction: Egypt to be led by Muslim Brotherhood
'Gift' for Muslim couples = proper wife beatings?
9-11 was the rule, not the exception
States must choose -- sharia or Constitution?

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