Tuesday, May 8, 2012

THE CHRISTIAN POST: "Front Page" Tuesday May 8, 2012 Iyyar 16, 5772

Kathleen Sebelius
(Photo: REUTERS / Joshua Roberts)

Georgetown University's Sebelius Invite Seen as Slap in Face to Bishops

By Napp Nazworth

Georgetown University is under fire for inviting Kathleen Sebelius, secretary of Health and Human Services, to deliver an awards ceremony address. Sebelius issued the controversial birth control mandate that will require employers to provide health insurance that covers contraception, sterilization and some abortifacient drugs without co-pay.

School Backs Down From Student Wearing Jesus T-Shirt

By Michael Gryboski

A student who has been frequently disciplined by a Canadian school for wearing a Christian t-shirt is now allowed to attend classes wearing the shirt.


NC marriage

NC Marriage Battle Heats Up Ahead of Tuesday's Vote

By Anugrah Kumar

Advocates and opponents of a proposed amendment to North Carolina's constitution are working overtime to win people's support ahead of Tuesday's vote, but the measure which will ensure that only marriage between a man and a woman is valid in the state seems set to pass.

Although the sinless life of Jesus Christ is a foundational tenet of the Christian faith, a study recently released by the Diocese of Camden found that 60 percent of practicing Catholics in southern New Jersey believe Jesus sinned during his time on Earth.

Two polls released Monday both show President Barack Obama and Mitt Romney tied in the presidential race. USA Today/Gallup's swing-state poll shows Obama with 47 percent support and Romney with 45 percent support in the 12 most closely contested states

Church & Ministries

Rick Warren

Survivor Expert Bear Grylls Shares Meal of Worms, Maggots With Rick Warren

By Sarah Cruz

Extreme-survivor expert and "Man vs. Wild" star Bear Grylls made a special appearance at Saddleback Church Saturday – at one point receiving some audience participation from the church's pastor, Rick Warren.

Evangelical theologians who firmly hold to the inerrancy and authority of Scripture are preparing to help fellow believers stand firm in their faith amid an increasingly hostile culture.

Dr. Ken Hutcherson, the pastor of Antioch Bible Church in Redmond, Wash., posted an announcement earlier this week that many close to him – including his wife – have known for years. Hutcherson revealed that he is the "gayest man I know."

Delegates of the General Conference of the United Methodist Church have voted down two proposals that would divest the denomination's funds from companies that did business in Israel.

A gay rights group staged a protest at the General Conference of the United Methodist Church Thursday after it failed to pass an amendment that would have changed the denomination's language regarding homosexuality.

Secular Group Continues Legal Challenges Against National Day of Prayer

As the 2012 observance of the National Day of ...

5 Possible Romney Running Mates

Within the next four months, Republican ...

Manny Pacquiao Wins Souls for Jesus After Preaching at Local Church

Manny Pacquiao, 33-year-old high-profile Filipino ...

Hillary Clinton Won't Be Running for President in 2016

Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton ...

Texas Pastor Serves as Direct Link Between Chen Guangcheng and US

It was a Chinese-American pastor who served as ...

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Eva Mendez and Cierra Ramirez

'Girl in Progress' Director Says Movie Can Change Lives

By Christine Thomasos

With Mother's Day fast approaching, director Patricia Riggen has brought a coming of age story to life in the movie "Girl In Progress," which he believes could be a chance for mothers and daughters to bond over real issues at the box office.


Loki vs. Jesus

By Lane Palmer

I'm quite certain you'll enjoy The Avengers, but you can take even greater gratification in the fact that the spiritual world created in the Marvel film series is about as real as a ginormous green guy in purple pants.

The New York Knicks have finally managed to end their NBA-record 13-game playoff losing streak with an 89-87 win against the Miami Heat on Sunday, in a result that some fans have described as miraculous.



Putin Sworn in as Russia's President a Third Time Amid Protests (PHOTOS)

By Luiza Oleszczuk

Vladimir Putin, Russia's divisive former president and former prime minister, was sworn in as the federation's president again Monday, amid renewed protests and less than 24 hours after hundreds were arrested in Moscow Sunday.

The focus on helping orphans worldwide needs to shift from simply perpetuating orphanages to equipping local churches in connecting children to parents, said leaders at the Christian Alliance for Orphans' annual summit this week.

Francois Hollande won about 52 percent of the vote and defeated President Nicolas Sarkozy in Sunday's presidential runoff, dominated by the eurozone crisis and unemployment, to become the first socialist leaders of France in more than one and a half decade.

The government of the former Soviet nation of Georgia is nearing its goal of raising the country's birth rate to secure its future thanks to the patriarch of the Orthodox Church who is now the godfather of 11,000 children, including 400 babies baptized on Sunday.

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American Idol's Fantasia Barrino Exonerated of $15,000 Theft From Church

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'October Baby' Sweeps Box Office, Tops $5 Million

Micro-budget film "October Baby" has proven to be ...

Beastie Boys' Adam Yauch Dies: A Look Back at His Career

The hip-hop community lost a true pioneer today ...

China's Underground Christians Supported Blind Activist

Underground Christians in China were among those ...

Persecution Brief: Violence Reigns in Nigeria, Kenya; Iranian Pastor's Attorney Arrested

Among the recent cases of most striking persecution of Christians around the world were new attacks in Africa and, notably, the arrest of an attorney who tried to come to the aid of imprisoned Iranian pastor Youcef Nadarkhani.

Hitler Had Developed a 'God Complex,' According to WWII Documents

Infamous German dictator Adolf Hitler, whose ...

Anglican Preacher Pulled From Pulpit After Advocating Traditional Marriage

An Anglican lay minister has been temporarily banned from preaching at a church in the U.K. after a service in which he advocated for the traditional definition of marriage upset some of those in attendance.

Nigerian Christians Defy Fear of Bloodshed and Continue Church Worship

Nigerian Christians have faced constant attacks ...

Colombian Judges Redefine 'Family,' Catholic Church Outraged

The highest court in Colombia has controversially ruled that the word "family" is not longer to be used only to address one's own kin or marriage, and the decision is causing serious backlash among pro-family groups.

'Offending' God, Quran or Muhammad Could Mean Death for Kuwait's Muslims

The Kuwaiti Parliament has approved a law that ...

Tech & Biz

AT&T Digital Home Life ScreenShot

AT&T to Launch Trial Version 'Digital Life' Home Automation System

By Vincent Funaro

AT&T will launch a trial version of "Digital Life," the carrier's home automation and security suite of services this summer.

A year after chain-store Sears agreed to stop selling X-rated products on its website, the company has apparently once again started offering pornographic material despite the protests of pro-family organizations.

Apple is reportedly looking to acquire the domain name iPhone5.com from the World Intellectual Property Organization, according to a Fusible.com.

The long awaited HTC One X launched on AT&T this past weekend and is available at all of the carrier's retail locations.