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THE CHRISTIAN POST: Friday May 25, 2012 Sivan 4, 5772

bishop harry jackson
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Pastors: Our 'New Rainbow Coalition' Supports Traditional Marriage

By Michael Gryboski

A "new rainbow coalition" made up of influential Christian pastors and leaders gathered on Capitol Hill Thursday afternoon to declare support for the traditional definition of marriage and the Defense of Marriage Act in response to President Obama's recent announcement that he supports same-sex marriage and Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid's support of repealing DOMA.

Teen Mania's Ron Luce Updates Daughter's Recovery; Thankful for Prayers

By Alex Murashko

Sole plane crash survivor Hannah Luce of Teen Mania Ministries continues to recover after a five-and-a-half hour skin grafting surgery earlier this week, stated her father Ron Luce on Wednesday.


D.C. gay marriage

NH Man Draws Support for Petition Calling for Redefinition of 'Marriage'

By Katherine Weber

A New Hampshire man has attracted support for his online petition to have the word "marriage" changed from its traditional definition of a union between one man and one woman to also include same-sex couples, which he says would strengthen legal arguments for gay marriage.

A former director of the State Department's Office of Religious Freedom believes misunderstandings regarding religious liberty in America have made it hard to advance religious liberty abroad.

The U.S. Catholic Church will hold an event this summer to bring attention to religious freedom issues. The Christian Post has learned that discussions are underway to include evangelical organizations with these events. Evangelical organizations have expressed solidarity with Catholic leaders who oppose the Obama administration's birth control mandate, which, they argue, is a religious freedom issue.

Obama for America, the campaign organization of President Barack Obama, announced on Wednesday the formation of "Obama Pride: LGBT Americans for Obama," designed to attract and engage those who support the homosexual agenda in hopes that they will give the president a second term in November.

Church & Ministries


NC Congregation Defends Pastor's Sermon on 'Getting Rid' of Homosexuals

By Stoyan Zaimov

Members of the North Carolina congregation headed by the pastor who preached about putting gays and lesbians in an electric fence and waiting for them to die, have spoken out in defense of the minister saying he simply told the truth.

The Book of Common Prayer, a work considered by many to be as influential as the King James Bible and the plays of William Shakespeare, turned 350 this month.

Crystal Cathedral Ministries will celebrate Memorial Day Sunday with a veteran of the Navy SEALs and a representative of the New York Police Department. Bobby Schuller, grandson of the ministry's founder, will deliver the sermon.

A Texas congregation has split over a vote taken to leave the Presbyterian Church (USA) over theological differences, with a sizable minority of voting members opting to stay with the mainline denomination.

Most Texas Voters Still in Favor of the Death Penalty

A new poll has found that most registered Texan ...

Abortion Caravan to Tour Canada in Campaign to End 'Disturbing' Practice

A Canadian anti-abortion group is starting a ...

'The King Is Coming' Is a Message of Hope for Believers, Says Pastor

A pastor who has authored more 20 titles has ...

Vatican Publicizes Guide on Confirming Virgin Mary Apparitions

In an effort to ensure that more discretion is ...

Colin Powell on Same-Sex Marriage: I Have No Problem With It

Former Secretary of State Colin Powell said ...

Are More Black Voters Embracing Obama's Endorsement of Gay Marriage?

A new Washington Post/ABC News Poll survey finds ...

Franciscan Files Expose Details of Sex Abuse Against Minors

Over 8,500 pages of documents detailing charges ...


lady gaga

Lady Gaga Angers Thailand Fans With 'Fake Rolex' Comment

By Katherine Weber

Lady Gaga continues to stir controversy on the Asia leg of her "Born This Way" tour, this time upsetting Thai people with a comment posted on her Twitter on May 23.

A lawsuit filed by the former nanny of Sharon Stone's children claims that the actress mocked the nanny's Filipino heritage and Christian beliefs.

A boxing promoter has suggested that the recent controversy surrounding world champion boxer Manny Pacquiao defending the traditional definition of marriage may encourage Filipinos who have not been following the sport to now get behind Pacquiao in his next fight.


A Church crumbles in Paganica, near Aquila in this file photo.

'Gospel of Barnabas' Will Trigger Collapse of Christianity, Claims Iran

By Ivana Kvesic

The worldwide collapse of Christianity is set to take place due to a purported Gospel of Barnabas, claims an Iranian newspaper. But Christians have dismissed the claims, describing them as "laughable."

Although the international community has maintained cautious optimism that 2012 would be the first year every participating country in the Olympic Games would be sending female athletes to compete, the oil-rich Middle Eastern monarchy of Saudi Arabia has yet to confirm if it would be sending any female participants to London this summer.

The Israel Antiquities Authority revealed Wednesday what it is calling the earliest archaeological evidence of the city of Bethlehem. Archaeologists have discovered a bulla that has the word "Bethlehem" written on it in ancient Hebrew.

As Egypt's first democratic presidential elections get underway Wednesday, the choices have narrowed down primarily to Islamists and politicians once linked to former President Hosni Mubarak. If an Islamist president is elected in light of the mostly-Islamist parliament, religious freedom and the safety of the Christian community would be put in jeopardy, experts argue.

Pusha T Releases 'Exodus 23:1' Diss Track; Lil Wayne Responds

Pusha T, a rapper signed to Kanye West's G.O.O.D ...

Jessica Simpson Picks Former Assistant as Godmother

Jessica Simpson has chosen her former personal ...

Will Smith Explains Slapping Reporter Who Tried Kissing Him

Actor Will Smith, who is promoting his upcoming ...

Phillip Phillips - What's Next for American Idol 2012 Winner?

Phillip Phillips was crowned the "American Idol" ...

Jeremy Lin's Faith, Family Led to Success, Biographer Says

Jeremy Lin went from an unknown bench player to ...

Student Tebowed at Graduation, Diploma Withheld by Mother

A teen Tebowing during his graduation ceremony ...

Laura Story, Casting Crowns Winners at Billboard 2012 Music Awards

Billboard 2012 Music Awards were handed over to ...

MTV Cans 'Losing It' Reality Show About Virgins Pursuing First-Time Sex

MTV has dropped an apparently ill-conceived idea ...

Tech & Biz


Facebook Camera a Dangerous New Tool? Reaches More Users Than Instagram

By Brittney R. Villalva

In the midst of tumbling stock prices, Facebook has launched a new standalone camera app for the iPhone. With quick features, you don't even have to sign in every time to upload a picture, and with multi-picture options, this app could be dangerous.

Nissan is planning to launch a brand new van that is powered by electricity that New York City could possibly adopt as the "Taxi of Tomorrow."

Verizon customers who own a Samsung Galaxy Nexus now have the ability to upgrade to Android 4.0.4, the latest build of Google's Android software.

Rumors of Sharp and Foxconn working together have been swirling since they made an agreement in March to partner up in order to advance LCD technology.

Are Catholic Leaders Attacking Obama to Help Republicans?

By Napp Nazworth

E. J. Dionne, a liberal columnist for The Washington Post, suggested in a Monday blog post that Catholic leaders who are opposing the Obama administration's birth control mandate could be doing so to help Republicans in the November elections.


Bored to Death? How We Consume Media

By Eric Metaxas


Popular culture, with its emphasis on the new and immediate, reliance on instant accessibility and the casual, time-killing way it is usually consumed, is changing us — and not for the better: We are becoming less reflective, more impatient and easily-bored.


How to Start at Your New Church

By Kevin DeYoung


I want to reflect on what new people can do right in coming to a church and what is helpful from those who decide they must leave the church. Pastors understand that choosing a church is a big deal.


When Man Takes God and Sin Seriously

By Dan Delzell

Dan Delzell

A well-known television host did a story recently about a judge who is attempting to reduce the 10 Commandments down to 6 Commandments. Without going into all the details, I found the host's comments to be very insightful. He wondered what Moses would think about such a travesty.


To Pastors: The Problem of Shifting Treasure in Your Heart

By Paul Tripp


After the Sunday morning service he asked if he could make an appointment with me. I thought he had been touched by my sermon and wanted help in applying the truths to the details of his everyday life. What he actually wanted to do was to tell me how bad — "painful" is what he actually said — my sermons were. He also said he was speaking for others who felt the same way. I was hurt, of course, but I went about preparing as I had the week before.


How Should the Church Love a Gay Couple? (Part 3 - Final)

By Alex Murashko


Pastor Duke Taber will be the first to let you know that his small congregation in Pine Haven, Wyo., is about as far removed from the gay marriage controversy boiling over in the country as any church could be. Yet Taber wants his church, which has 30 to 50 people tops attending his service on Sunday, to be an example of how Christians worldwide should love homosexuals no matter what.


Catacomb Christianity and Cathedral Christianity

By Russell D. Moore

St Paul's Cathedral in central London.

The catacombs are the legacy of a tiny persecuted band of believers. The cathedrals represent a very different turn in church history: a church that not only could grow in size but could, in fact, outgrow and outlast the Empire itself. We need both, somehow.


Does Being Totally Depraved Mean We're Always Sinning No Matter What?

By John Piper

John Piper

When you become a Christian the depravity and the disinclination to do what is right, and to delight in what is holy and pure and good, and to be satisfied in God is not conquered perfectly.


Christian Mother's Video About Special Needs Son Nears 10M Hits

By Lillian Kwon

lacey buchanan

A young mother's video testimony of her special needs son and her decision not to abort him has garnered over 8 million views on GodVine and 1.4 million hits on YouTube.


As a Chaplain, Must I Always Publicly Pray in Jesus' Name?

By Russell D. Moore

Gordon Klingenschmitt

If you are asked to pray, you can only pray as a Christian. In so doing, you are actually, ironically enough, protecting the rights of other religions and their chaplains. I frankly don't want a Muslim chaplain forced by the government to pray like a Episcopalian.


Mindless Entertainment at the Movies

By Eric Metaxas


Is there anything wrong with a little mindless entertainment? Well, maybe not, but too many of us are engaging in a lot more than just a little of it.


Gay Marriage and Martin Luther King's Dream

By Dan Delzell

Supporters of gay marriage hold placards before hearing the New Jersey Supreme Court's decision on same-sex marriage in front of the court building in Trenton, N.J., Oct. 25, 2006.

When President Obama spoke at the Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial dedication last year, he urged the nation to continue to press for the goals and hopes of the "black preacher with no official rank or title who somehow gave voice to our deepest dreams" and helped make the nation "more perfect." By announcing his support for same-sex marriage last week, President Obama is sincerely convinced that now he is helping to make the nation even more perfect.


Love and Dating: How Most Singles Have Love Backwards

By June Hunt

June Hunt

Last year, one of the world's largest online dating sites released results of a survey they took of 5,200 singles. Said to be the most comprehensive poll of its type ever taken, the survey of 21- to 65-year-olds (and older) reported that 72 percent of singles would live with someone in the future without marrying.


Relentlessly Relational

By Greg Stier

Greg Stier

We should long to see everyone in our circle of influence (and outside of it for that matter) receive the forgiveness, life and hope of Jesus.


Would Jesus Approve of Same-Sex Marriage?

By Jerry Newcombe

jesus painting by da vinci

It was one thing for President Obama to call for the legalization of same-sex marriage. But it was quite another to say that it's Jesus who causes him to embrace this position. Today people sometimes say that Jesus never condemned homosexuality.


8 Things to Keep in Mind in Regards to Conflict at Work/Church

By Perry Noble

Perry Noble

Email DOES NOT WORK! It often drags out the conflict way longer that it should be. It can easily be misinterpreted, thus causing new conflicts.


Should Tithing Count as 'Charitable Giving?'

By Nicola Menzie


GOP presidential hopeful Mitt Romney was recently criticized for counting money given to his Mormon church and affiliated charities as charitable giving. The issue has sparked the question is it "charitable giving" when the faithful donate or tithe to their churches if it is not directly aiding the poor or doing similar work?


North American Mission from Judsons to Global Christianity

By Todd M. Johnson

Burmese refugee

It might be tempting, on this 200th commissioning anniversary of the first ordained American foreign missionaries, to directly attribute the current status of global Christianity to their courageous obedience to the Great Commission. Even limiting the scope of their influence to Burma, the commendable work of these missionaries would produce a very incomplete explanation for the growth of Christianity around the world from 1812 to 2012.

Why Every Christian Is a Disciple

By Dan Delzell

Indonesian Christians and international guests pray at the 80,000-seat Bung Karno Stadium in Jakarta, Indonesia, during the 2012 World Prayer Assembly, one of the largest evangelical events, on May 17,2012.

There is plenty of talk these days about which term or terms to use when defining those who belong to Christ. I know it can be tempting to want to define "disciple" differently than you define "Christian."


Can People Who Have Never Heard of Jesus Be Saved?

By Lillian Kwon


Pastors confronted with questions and some dissent over the idea that no one can be saved apart from faith in Jesus Christ are reaffirming what they assert is a hard yet clear truth.


Ghoulish 'Art:' The Body Worlds Exhibit

By Eric Metaxas

body worlds

Why should we care about how human corpses are treated? Your answer depends on your worldview.


What the Bible Really Still Says About Homosexuality

By Kevin DeYoung


It is simply not true that Paul, or Jesus for that matter, never considered homosexuality an ethical matter. Paul thought the prohibition against homosexuality in the Old Testament was still relevant and the sin was still serious.


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